“I’ve had the privilege of being one of Chris’s students for a few years now. He is a phenomenal golf instructor and the improvement in my entire golf game has been dramatic. Chris prevents what we all know can be a very frustrating sport from becoming too frustrating – he is extremely adept at analyzing the swing and providing instruction in a clear and easy to understand manner. His lessons are never overwhelming, but rather fun and exciting as you see your game improving. Chris takes a personal interest in your game and truly wants to help you become a better golfer. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Chris.”


“I doubt that I am an easy person to teach, because I am a golf obsessive who can’t help looking at way too many sources–magazines, blogs, videos, the guy in the next bay at the range–for information about the golf swing. But Chris has been able to get through to me about my own swing. He’s made it possible for me to simplify. To develop an effective plan. And to relax. I am not yet where I want to be as a golfer, but I swing the club way better than I used to, and hit the ball farther, and have a lot more fun.”


“I met Chris back in September 2009 after having played my first ever round of golf. My scorecard from that round read a generous “132.” At our first lesson, I told Chris that despite having only picked up the game in the last two weeks, my single goal would be to break “100” in five years. But just two years later, I’m within spitting distance of breaking “80.” Thanks to Chris and his highly personalized and insightful approach to each of his student, he has helped me exceed even my own ambitious expectations.”


“Thanks to Chris I was able to score my best 9 holes score ever last week with a -1 at Ballyowen golf club. This is a significant improvements over my previous scores.  This was made possible following a 5 lessons package I purchased at Chelsea Piers. Chris was able to spot my weaknesses quickly and gave me the right advice and tools to address them. My swing now feels much more consistent and solid than 2 months ago and I will continue to work with Chris to lower my scores. I will hopefully score single digit consistently over the next few years thanks to Chris intense dedication, motivation and attention to details. Thanks Chris!”

“I just got back from Bandon Dunes and I wanted to thank you again for all your assistance. I shot one of the best rounds of my life (sub 80), a few rounds in the 80’s and I could not have done it without your help.Your video analysis of my swing was superb and I cannot overstate how valuable it was for me to see my swing on screen with your feedback. I appreciate that you didn’t overwhelm me with multiple swing thoughts. The two moves you directed me to focus on were spot on. Your simple approach allowed me focus but not over think my swing. I was able to hit more solid shots on the center of the club with the correct path. My bad shots were not that bad and I enjoyed my golf trip that much more because I expected to hit “better” shots. I also knew that when my swing felt “off” I had the tools to get it back quickly.

Your positive attitude and clear instruction methods really helped me succeed.

Thanks again for all your assistance.”

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