TPI Evaluations

The the stretches that will help you swing a golf club.

Fitness is an extremely important component to any golfer’s game. The Golf Academy now offers private TPI Fitness Screening sessions, giving golfers the opportunity to experience the same physical assessment and fitness training as the pros, regardless of age, current fitness level or handicap.

The assessment identifies physical imbalances, and a Golf Fitness Handicap (GFH) is established. The GFH is equivalent to a golf handicap in terms of physical capabilities. A fitness program is then designed to correct those imbalances and improve stability, mobility, flexibility, balance, posture, strength and power. Improved physical fitness levels increase endurance and injury prevention, improving performance.

TPI Fitness Screening Includes: Physical assessment, video analysis, TPI-generated workout program, and access to TPI literature and video exercises (viewable from iPhone or other compatabile mobile device).

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